Friday, April 18, 2008

Tracks of a friend in the snow

Tracks of a friend in the snow

I have lain on the path of bone chilling fear

watched as the death angel hovered near

Midnight I rode the trail where black lion stalked

my steed snorting his course stayed.. balked

I lost my seat and the moon swirled around

my head was the first to kiss frozen ground

My body bounced down the Arbuckles crag

the earth drank my blood and there I laid

and dreamed the dream of death’s opening door

of life unlived and path’s untracked with joy untasted

my future my claim on living gone as I lay wasted

but awareness came as light chased away the night

My companion grazed close by had kept the cat away

snow tracks around my death bed testified to his stay

my shirt red soaked with life’s precious fluid staining the ground

I drug my pain racked body to the saddle and started down

past the still waiting mountain lion eyes peering from thick weeds

the smell of my blood kept him waiting to quench his savage needs

I looked back as he smelled my blood spilled in the snow where I lay

then followed us for awhile before turning to find unguarded prey

Danpatch went to equine heaven during the next season’s winter strife

But in my dreams I still count the tracks of my friend who saved my life.

jdm10/23/2006 based on a true occurrence with some literary license applied...My dad was a cowboy and Danpatch had been his favorite horse until he was retired to be my horse. At the time of the poem he was over twenty years old and I was 12.