Sunday, August 13, 2006 News News: "Higher level of theft
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A few years ago higher educators in the United States copyrighted their school emblems, logos and mascot art. Professors started writing and copyrighting materials developed while on the public payroll using public facilities and equipment. The legislators went along. The prosecutors did not prosecute the theft. The media did not report the stealing. The business community was bullied into submission by the educators' lawyers and paid the inflated fees for the logos and art their taxes had financed. The public was stuck with their favorite teams sportswear and other logoed wear at five times the normal price.
The rights to art, logos, literary creations and inventions developed at taxpayer expense belong to the taxpayer and not the paid employees of our public institutions. The legislatures should take back ownership of these works and they should be returned to the public domain for any individual or business to use and enjoy fee free.
Jim Martin, Newcastle "

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